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A Life Less Ordinary A Life Less Ordinary
July 17, 2006
I'll warn you now that this entry might be very A) random B) stupid and C) completely and absolutely pointless in its intention...

So, as I have been living at home with my parents now for almost eight months I have come to realize one thing: I am rarely every right and they are rarely ever wrong. Does that not suck an eternity? Seriously, I can do almost everything that they ask but it's never actually quite enough. To be sure I fail almost every time.

In reference to this crappy situation I'd like to revisit a happier time. College. Here are my top ten reasons why I loved college more than life itself.

(In no particular order...)

1. Pizza - I never realized how much I absolutely loved pizza until I got into college - mostly because that is all I ever fucking ate.

2. Dorm Rooms - Oh, yeah, call me crazy but I was definitely one of those rare individuals that loved the dorms. I loved the spread-out, see-everything bathrooms, the tiny-ass, can-barely-move rooms and the ability to hear everything anyone says through the walls.

3. Fraternities - So, until I turned 21 I never really realized how much I actually liked frat parties, weird you say, I know this. See, here is my logical thinking though: Where else can you go without paying a cover, without paying for drinks and having damn near a lineup for some hotass sex?

4. The Internet - Sad, but true. I was an addict. I loved being connected to the internet 24/7. There were a few times when I nearly orgasmed just thinking about it. I'm sick, I can't help it.

5. Freedom - No parents, and no damn curfew - however, sometimes I felt like teachers were the substitutes for my parents and class the substitute for curfew.

6. Beer - Being in college I had an ephiphany "I love beer." And honestly, I am not sure I would have realized it if I hadn't been in college, especially at IU. Beer went with everything in college days - studying, eating, sleeping, lounging, walking, laying out, playing sports, watching tv. I mean other than vomitting I can't think of anything that beer did not go well with.

7. Walking Places - God, I hated walking when I was there but I look at my ass now and think to myself, "Damn where the hell did all that come from?" Well, it's because I rarely walk anywhere these days.

8. Sleeping - Sleep, in a sense, was like beer, it went well with everything. And I got a lot of sleep in school. I particuarly planned my classes every semester in accordance to my sleep pattern. Good times.

9. Work/Study - Those were the easiest freaking jobs ever! And I loved them. (Damn you Walgreens.)

10. People - No matter what anyone tells you, the people you meet in college are people that you will never ever meet again in your life. They're weird, cooky, crazy, oddballs, random. but you love them for it. And college was one of those things that just made you open up to them.

There's my list, short as it is, those are the things I loved most. But don't be fooled there are things that I absolutely abhorred about college and I'll save those for another time.


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