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A Life Less Ordinary A Life Less Ordinary
July 06, 2006
I find myself stuck. Neither moving backward, nor progressing forward as most are wont to do. I'm just here...treading water as it were.

The bills that I have are unbelievable and it is really almost heartbreaking. I received a letter from the collections office at IU and I will not be able to receive my transcripts until I pay it off. Granted, it's not the largest sum, not when you compare it to the rest of my bills, but it's still burdensome you know? I at least thought, when I decide to go back to school it will be when I decide to, on my time and my terms, but now I am yet again restriced and restricted by my own procrastination.

It'll get taken care of, but it's still depressing. And I still want to write so I am thinking of journalism yet again. Perhaps the school of journalism at IUPUI will be much different. I'll need to get my grades back up of course but I figure I can do that with math and a few prereqs at Ivy tech or something of that sort. I hate being poor. It sucks.


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